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LESSONS LEARNED: Insights for Redeeming the Sexual Generation
Volume 1

A best selling DVD with 6 of S Rogers' favorite teachings.
  • The Power of Forgiveness (Finding freedom from bitterness when others have hurt me )
  • Realistic Expecations (Discouraged in your struggles? What you should expect from Christianity, why it takes time to get over problems, and why that's perfectly normal and Biblical)
  • What Works For Me (What keeps me on track with God in spite of my very real weaknesses)
  • The Power of Community (Four key relationship systems that God uses to nourish and heal)
  • Renewing the Mind (What it really means - and how biology and the Bible work together in transforming troublesome impulses and behaviours)
  • Relapse Prevention (Steps to maintain integrity in a world of risk )

LESSONS LEARNED: Insights for Redeeming the Sexual Generation
Volume 2

Sy Rogers' second series provides redemptive insights into the complex issues of sexual-relational problems within the church. For those who struggle with their sexuality, have a loved one who is struggling or want to minister more effectively in this area, this information will impact your life. This 6 hour teaching covers the following insights and information:
  • Five Categories of Sexual and Relational Problems
  • Five Characteristics of Those Who Overcome
  • Nine Factors in the Development of Sexual Problems
  • Nine Principles for Redeeming Sexuality
  • Three Complaints Christian Workers Need to Know
  • Sexuality and Contemporary Culture

With the widespread use of electronic media, what can be done to better prepare young people in today's sexually aggressive culture? Sy draws from his own journey of sexual healing, parenting, and three decades as a pastoral care specialist to deliver this powerful 8-part series.

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One of the Boys: The Sy Rogers Story

Available on CD or DVD, Sy Rogers shares his inspirational testimony of overcoming sexual abuse and brokenness.

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Sy Rogers explores divine qualities that changed his perspective about many things, including life, love, suffering, and Godís timing. These messages will deepen your confidence in His loving character and enable you to trust Him more fully. Audio CD.
SY IN THE HOTSEAT: Questions My Audiences Ask Me Most About God and Sex

Sy Rogers gives straightforward answers to 25 questions audiences ask most often, such as ... Is oral sex wrong? Is there any hope for a sexless marriage? What should you say to a loved one if you suspect they're gay? Could you explain why masturbation is wrong? Audio CD.

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Becoming a Christian does not make us immune to our sinful desires. While Jesus forgives sin, He does not erase memory, history, or human vulnerability. In this series Sy Rogers combines biblical principles with practical advice to deal with thought life as well as how to get and maintain sexual and relational integrity in a sexually charged culture. Audio CD.
Sy Rogers shares fresh insights from his own remarkable life journey, examining how our insecurities damage relationships, how his church became a healing community for him, and the women God used to change his life forever. Audio CD.