A Song of Hope by Dennis Jernigan From my earliest memories, I felt different from other boys. I was gifted musically, and labeled "sissy" by other boys. By the time I was nine years old, I was playing regularly for the worship times at First Baptist Church in Boynton, OK. I learned to play the piano from my grandmother. We lived far from any town with a piano teacher, so I learned to play "by ear" by listening to melodies and mimicking them without seeing any music. Grandma was very patient with me as I practiced daily at her house, and I grew close to her. I didn't feel as close to my
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Silent no more As long as I remember, I was different and in South Africa where I grew up, there is a myth: if you walk under a rainbow it will change your sex. I tried running under every rainbow I saw! My parents once admitted to me they had wanted a boy; when I came out as a girl, they often treated me as a boy. I wasn’t angry with this because I actually wanted to be a boy.  As a child, my parents fought a lot. My dad was easily angered. I was told I pushed my father away since I was four. Growing up, I always felt uneasy around men.  We attended church on Sundays. Our church didn’t teach
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Journey To Freedom From Homosexuality
God Transformed Me
God Calls in Love
His Kindness
In His Hand
A Different Kind Of Coming Out
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Growing Through the Pain
God Is Faithful
Responding To My Lesbian Sister
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