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Bryan Kliewer is the director of Exodus Global Alliance

Exodus Global Alliance is a Christian ministry serving people who are impacted by homosexuality - people who experience same-sex attractions, lesbian, gay bisexual & transgender people, people with questions about their sexuality or questions about Christianity, families who have a loved one who is gay, and people who have a friend or co-worker who is gay.

Exodus Global Alliance was started by people who experience same-sex attractions, people who experienced sexual brokenness or faced sexual issues, people who used to be in same-sex relationships, and people who want to see sexual minorities encounter Christ and grow in Christ-centered discipleship.

Our desire is to bring God's truth and grace to the complicated issues of sexual and relational brokenness. Our focus is on developing a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.




Wilna van Beek is the director of God Gazers - Bridge Builders. 

Living a gay life, Wilna felt separated from the presence of God. This created a dryness in her soul and brought her to a place of total surrender to Jesus in 2003. She invited Jesus into that place in her heart, the place she’d closed off for so long. She repented and asked the Lord to help her with this deep struggle. The Holy Spirit convinced her that she needed God's presence in her life, and that only He can satisfy all her needs. God has placed a passion and call on Wilna's life. She is passionate to help persons with similar journeys - to encourage them to focus on Jesus, to gaze upon Him at all times, instead of focusing on their sexuality. She founded God Gazers to minister to others. She is the author of When Gay Comes Home.(

God Gazers - Bridge Builders Ministry (  has 4 missions: 

1)  To come alongside family and friends who journey with loved ones who have come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning (LGBTQ)

2)  For those who have come out, we will support them on their journey. We encourage them to gaze upon Jesus, shifting their focus off of their sexuality and onto Him

3)  For those who practice a homosexual lifestyle, or are active members within the LGBTQ community, we desire to build friendships and get to know them. We seek to understand and learn; to see their hearts and listen to their stories. We will respect them, whether they choose to live and practice a homosexual lifestyle or not.

4)  We are passionate educate, equip and lighten the body of Christ by speaking on the challenging topic of homosexuality; stressing the importance of making Jesus our primary focus, daily.