Giving by Direct Deposit (Pre-authorized Donations)

With pre-authorized donations, your donation is made automatically and you donít have to sign and mail cheques.

Save money - no more stamps
Save time - no more writing cheques on a monthly basis
Save worry - no delays, nothing gets lost in the mail
Build confidence - Exodus can count on your regular financial support


How Do I Get Started?

Download the authorization form shown at the bottom of this page.
Fill it in, deciding if you want to make monthly, quarterly or annual contributions.
Attach a blank cheque marked VOID.
Mail the form and void cheque to our office.

How Do I Make Changes?

You can make changes at any time. You can change the amount, change the bank account to your new bank account or cancel at any time. Use the same form at the bottom of this page. Fill in the change portion of the form and mail it to our office.


Special Gifts?

Even if you have set up regular monthly or quarterly donations, you can make an additional special gift at any time by sending in one of these forms marked special gift.


Thank you... your financial support is greatly appreciated! 

Direct Deposit Form Form to start, change or stop direct deposit gifts to Exodus Global Alliance PDF Download