Seeking Help

Each of us has a God-given, unique identity, which is one reason why reading books, listening to sermons, or applying principles on our own (as good as each of these are) doesn’t work to transform us in the deep places of our hearts where we need it most. God ministers the power of Christ to change and transform through the body of Christ (God's people).

Whether you are a man or woman needing help with your own personal struggles, or a family seeking to support a loved one, we come alongside to support and participate in navigating the complexities of sexual and relational brokenness. We seek to meet and minister to people according to their unique situation and needs.  We offer Christian fellowship and discipleship. We will join you in praying for the power of Christ to change and transform, so that you or your loved one will experience healing, freedom, and truth in Christ.

If you live in or near Toronto, we are happy to meet with you at our office or a mutually agreed upon church. We also offer a Christian discipleship group for men and women, and a parents support group. 

If you live farther away, we make use of skype and email to offer Christian fellowship and discipleship. We will help you connect with a church.

Contact us with your request for help.