Converge Canada

About Converge Canada

As pastors and ministry leaders, we face increased pressure from secular culture to adopt its views on gender, and we know more and more people personally affected by issues of sexuality & gender. These raise questions like:

  • What are the challenges Christians and churches will face in the coming years if we hold to the Biblical beliefs regarding sexuality & gender?
  • It’s starting to seem downright dangerous these days to say that you believe what the Bible says about sexuality and gender. Should Christians just drop the subject completely? 
  • Are there really laws making it illegal for Christians to help people who want change? How do laws like that affect my church?
  • I’ve heard that all of the people who said God delivered them from homosexuality were lying. I also heard that most of them are now openly gay, and now they say there’s no such thing as ‘change.’ Is that true?

Converge Canada is bringing together ministry leaders, pastors and former gay men and women to thoughtfully consider these questions and equip you as pastors and church leaders to navigate today’s culture.

In addition to addressing questions, Converge Canada will equip pastors who want to develop Church-based ministry to people impacted by issues of sexuality & gender. Presentations will be given on topics such as:

  • How to prepare your congregation to understand and articulate Biblical teaching on sexuality and marriage.
  • How to establish in-house ministry to Christians dealing with sexuality & gender issues.
  • How to establish in-house ministry to parents of those who have come out as LGBTQ or experiencing gender dysphoria.
  • How to equip students to better understand sexuality, to grow into adults who can integrate sexuality with Christian faith and can explain the Biblical view to others.